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Soup's On :)

Jenphoooo- chicken and veggie soup.............. sauté garlic, spinach, zucchini, olive oil, oregano, boil water, chicken Breast,red potatoes, ginger,ground cayenne red pepper red Onion then combine the veggies and the chicken together add black pepper,garlic powder with with parsley, salt and fish sauce, bring to boil, medium heat for 30 min ..... This is Good For people who have Gout .JMG

Japanese Onion Soup

Japanese Onion Soup

Slow cooker shiitake-portobello chowder.Delicious chowder with mushrooms,cheese and Marsala wine cooked in slow cooker.

Canning Granny: Canning French Onion Soup

World Famous Brunswick Stew BEST Brunswick Stew 4 chicken thighs, 1 lb ground turkey, 1 lg onion, 2 cans Italian style tomatoes, 1 can whole kernel corn, 1 can cream style corn, 1 small bottle ketchup, hot sauce as desired

{Spicy Diet Cabbage Soup Recipe: Just in Time for Summer!}

Rosemary Chicken, Mushroom and Wild Rice Soup.... Crock pot easy (set and forget and SOUP!!!), Earthy rustic flavors make this a grown up soup perfect for winter... Also made easy with rotisserie chicken... YOU CAN MAKE SOUP easy peasy

Pasta e Fagioli (Crock Pot Recipe)

Yummy Recipes: Buffalo Chicken Corn Chowder with Blue Cheese Gougères recipe