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everything old is new again

Great use for an old iron bed footboard if you don't have the headboard or side rails

cotton instead of flowers for centerpieces

I like this idea: multi-colored chairs, but not huge variation in hue. Ombre chairs. DIY for kitchen table in new place!

Ombre Windsor Chairs - HoneyBear Lane

DIY scarf rack from old chair

Hang old shutters on either side of either a mirror or an old picture window (hung above an entryway table).

Rustic cutting boards make for lovely buffet decor~♥~

The Cozy Old "Farmhouse": Cutest {Junkiest} Vintage Cabin...Ever! ~ N's Note: Check this out!! Innovative, Artistic, Wonderful ideas in this cabin! & that bathroom sink idea is just WAY COOL!!!! For guest house!

30 Interesitng Ways How To Use Old Windows

Paint a dresser; take out bottom drawer, add baskets and there is an awesome accent table!