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Bubble tea my new addiction

brown sugar coconut bubble tea by pastryaffair, via Flickr

Strawberry Bubble Tea & Sweet and Salty popcorn. Kinda makes me wish summer was still here...

Perfect bubble tea! Good thing because all my money seems to be pouring into bubble tea cafes

Bubble Tea Cocktails!

Cantaloupe Bubble Tea - cantaloupe, tapioca, agave nectar, your favorite tea (optional), and ice

Coconut Bubble Tea - with a tropical hit of mango and a splash of lime

Keep calm and drink bubble tea poster

Taro Freeze with tapioca pearl

Bubble Tea Gin and Tonic. Jus Looks Awesome How Green Boba Looks In This Picture.

Bubble Tea Recipe. I want to try this.

Green Tea Bubble Tea....what I wouldn't give for one of these right now...

Bubble tea balls.. this would add something interesting to the drinks and I know they taste good too

coffee bubble tea benefit: it is yummy. cost: I also want to eat other bubble tea

How to make delicious refreshing bubble tea with tapioca pearls at home!!

Bubble (boba) tea ! This site shows recipe for milk tea, green tea, and purple yam boba drinks. Can't wait to make some :).