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Give the kids place value blocks to make their name... have them calculate the value of their name. I am so doing this in our math journals this week! - Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons: More Mudge and Place Value!

Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons: More Mudge and Place Value!

This fun game can be used to help children revise mental math facts, times tables and simple mathematical equations.

Math Games for Kids: Uno Flip | Childhood101

Math scavenger hunt - This would be fun for the first week of school, could be changed to fit any grade level….image only

Arrays matching puzzles set with recording sheet - such a fun way to practice rectangular arrays and repeated addition

Arrays Arrays Arrays!

quadrilaterals poster for kids to make!

KNJ Kreations: Qommon Qore Quads...

When Differentiation Feels Impossible (Blog Post): The challenges of differentiating in the math classroom are many!

When Differentiation Feels Impossible

Math Coach's Corner: Online Math Games

Math Coach's Corner: Online Math Games

100 chart puzzle free easy math station activity

First Last!: 100 Chart Puzzles

Dunk It Dominoes! {Addition Game}

TheHappyTeacher: Dunk It Dominoes! {Addition Game}

Adding machine! :-) super simple to make and fun for the kids to learn about adding/composing numbers!

Second Grade Freebies: Regrouping Freebies

FREEBIE - Alligator Pairs and Trios Add to 15 - a NO PREP addition game where children try to find 2 or 3 numbers that add to 15. This is 2 Addition Games that review a variety of addition skills adding to 15.


Printable Place Value Slider; both 3- and 4-digit

Suzie's Home Education Ideas: Printable Place Value Slider

Categorizing math mistakes. Great idea for teaching students to analyze their own mistakes.

Math is Elementary: Monday Made It: July 8th

Math talk prompts

Making Shift Happen: Math Talk!

Roll the dice and then show the base ten blocks to represent the number

Room Mom 101: Teaching Place Value



This is sooo easy --- Make this Practice Thermometer with a straw and a pipe cleaner!

Paper Protractor....would be nice to have students calculate the angles/prove why folding it that way generates those angles. Might be useful for kids building projects in Ag Mech class

Toys from Trash

This is so fantastic! I'd probably do this as a math money activity to practice the 2nd grade standard of adding up a collection of coins :) Try to do tangible math problems that students can feel and see. Worksheets are good, but hands-on is better!

3rd Grade Thoughts: Word Work: Word Worth