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Stranger than fiction. For Marvel's look, the director wanted a kind of seedy gentility, so the costume department went down to a second-hand store and picked out a bunch of coats. On set, actor Frank Morgan turned the coat pocket inside out. To his shock, "L. Frank Baum" was stitched on the inside. Later both Baum's tailor and widow would confirm the jacket had belonged to the author.

I wouldn't do this, just think it's cool. 1. Paint your nails white/cream 2. Soak nails in alcohol for five minutes 3. Press nails to map and hold 4. Paint with clear protectant immediately after it dries.

{ link to the site that will put your photos into the view master format } This is for a wedding, just thought it was a cute idea.

the lost sea america's largest underground lake something to see between knox and chattanooga

Boots No 7....trying this now, we'll see....

Wen Mango Coconut - got to try sister loves it.