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Different paint jobs on dressers

KISTA, allmoge, Hälsingland, dat 1845

Very pretty garland design on a painted wooden table. I'm not going for the antique look for this project, but this is sweet.

Carpe Momo Designs

I like the idea of this, though I don't want a white ground.

Utterly charming. Hungarian tulip motif with birds. Totally the spirit of what I want in my room. Bright and cheerful.

I like the idea, but it's a little on the dark side for my room.

Pretty colors for the desk. Or for me.

I could go 1950s American vintage...

Ornate design. Wonder what tradition that pattern is? Maybe Nordic? Russian?

I can drool, can't I? Antique Chinese painted bureau. I don't know if it's actually an antique, or just painted in that style, but I love it either way.

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