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I'm a mathlete so nerd is inferred, but forget what you heard, I'm like james bond the third.

Chrysler Building by newlyyorked

Peacock room, Castello di Sammezzano, Italy

Strawberry Shortcake Inspired

A lady taking tea.

Thankful for amazing friends. You have no idea unless you have gone through it. I never understood. But now I do. It is not as easy as just deciding to be happy that day. Wish it was.

Heather Mouse @makeupmouse | Websta

31 Ideas For Your Manicure #nailart #naildesign

Watercolor Crayon Tattoos summer 2014

Beautiful picture

Wishing everyone all the powers of the Winter Solstice. May your next 6 months 'spiritual rebirth' be spectacular!

reflection of ant pushing drop of water Via The Ants Dream! by Rakesh Rocky Via wunderbarebilderwelt Follow mays-wunderbare-welt tumblr earthdaily.tumblr... Follow mays-wunderbare-welt tumblr mays-wunderbare-w...

This kitty is mesmerized by the music from this young boy's flute. Beautiful.

Dewy Dragonfly - Earl Duckett

Australian astronomers find the oldest Star: 13.6 billion years old, making it the most ancient star seen. It lies in our own galaxy, the Milky Way, at a distance of around 6,000 light years from Earth. story dated: 10 Feb 2014

I know sadness and I know it very well - I sooo need to change this about myself. Find a new comfort zone that has a good outlook on life.