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ketchupcoveredhearts: pleatedjeans: oh you know, just a smiling sloth. [x] Me yall

  • Megan

    Awesome but creepy at the same time lol

this is one of the best pinterest I have ever used... not only does it eliminate the litter falling everywhere out of the box... but it keeps nosy little dogs from looking for treats...TMI ... I know... but if you have both you know it is the truth...

Adorable Pitbull puppy was sooooooo tired on the drive that he took a nap in the kid’s car seat!

I do this several times a day…

"Shakesbear" -- Can you recite the next line from memory? Grammar & Writing Blog | Grammarly

10 #Cats That Got Famous For Their #Awesome #Fur Markings

Funny dog punishment: My friend puts his dogs in time out when they act up, this time it was the trash.