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PAINTED PAPER: Hedgehogs and Hands. Must do for Camping Out

PAINTED PAPER: Hedgehogs and Hands

smART Class: Dogs Dogs, and more adorable fluffy Dogs!!!

smART Class: Dogs Dogs, and more adorable fluffy Dogs!!!

Lichstenstein lesson, use erasers to print dots onto traced photos!! dont forget a speech bubble

Q-tip art. Fall trees.

La classe della maestra Valentina: UN PENNELLO UN PO’ SPECIALE

Some teacher humor for your weekend: 5 images that made me smile

Some teacher humor for your weekend -

Cute spaceship porthole craft w/ paper plates, aluminum foil, pipe cleaners. Could pre-make some aliens and planets for the little ones, if needed?

Space Ship Porthole - Fun Family Crafts

Woodie Long Folk Art | Looks like Summer Time

Mason Jar + Vase Gems = Amazing DIY Candle Jar... So pretty in the dark!

Over 25 Paper Plate Crafts - lots of varied ideas to keep you and the kids busy! From Paper Plate Weaving, to Paper Plate Crowns and Weebly Wobblies. Watch the video for extra info!

Paper Plate Crafts - Red Ted Art's Blog

This is a three day lesson.  First day, I read the students Mr. Seahorse by Eric Carle.  That same day I do a step by step drawing of a sea horse as the kids follow along in pencil on white construction paper.  They outline their drawing with black crayon or permanent marker would work too.  Next class, the take pre-cut tissue squares and overlap them one at a time placing them onto the seahorse, painting over each square with water to get the colors to bleed and the tissue paper to lay flat.  T

For the Love of Art

Tippytoe Crafts: Eric Carle: A House For Hermit Crab Cut part of a paper plate off where the crab would go & draw a swirl to make it look like a shell. Paint plate with watercolors. Crab is a handprint with red or pink paint, small pieces of pipe cleaners for the eye stalks attached to the handprints with masking tape & wiggle eyes attached to the eye stalks with glue dots. Draw underwater scene on light blue paper using oil pastels. Glue hermit crab to the underwater scene.

Tippytoe Crafts: Handy Hermit Crabs

Swimming self portraits. Beautiful art by 1st graders who all made their hair “float".

Trace the shadow of your sculpture - foil figure

Make your own story stones! A fun craft to paint with kids and create endless stories together. Camping Week