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Interactive Notebook ideas

My Adventures Teaching : Plot, Interactive Notebooks

Have one person sit on a chair in front of a white board while the others wrote a positive phrase about them. Take a picture to give to each person. I LOVE this idea!

Writers notebook expectations

Always Write: An Original Writer's Notebook Lesson from Corbett

Coordinating conjunctions

vocabulary journal. Might be a good for kitchen concepts,baking,kitchen safety.

Poetry lesson idea: blackout poetry using old newspapers!

Great quiet time or restaurant activity Put velcro dots on the ends of popsicle sticks. Kids can make letters or shapes over and over again.

Everyone reads in their own space using their chair and a pillow. Clever!

A paper towel holder with page protectors attached by binder rings. Will use as Classroom reference for anChor chart pics.

Pom Poms glued onto dry erase marker caps = instant erasers! :-)

Single sheet of paper - book

SLP's near and far know the joys of laminating! :)

Every child needs to grow up money-smart. This site help guide parents and educators on what age groups should know at their age.

80+ Google Forms for the Classroom

Websites and Resources devoted to the Common Core.

No more "said" Here's a way to display the various words to use instead of said. Clever idea!

to restore dry erase boards that are hard to erase: spray a clean board with wd40, wipe dry with paper towels. the wd40 fills in the dried pores of the board that hold in marker ink, making it easier to erase.

'Who I Am' graphic information sheet