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National Geographic Photography Public Art in Zadar, Croatia Photograph by Cogoli Franco, SIME As the sun dips below the horizon in Zadar, Croatia, a public art piece called "Greeting to the Sun" lights up in harmony with the waves of the Adriatic and the sounds made by the "Sea Organ." Both art pieces were created by Croatian architect Nikola Bašic. The sun powers the daily light show, thanks to 300 photovoltaic glass panels installed on the waterfront.

Most discarded objects such as plastic toys, utensils and metal objects will fall fate to an eternity in a landfill, but artist Sayaka Ganz sees a second life in them.

Emil Nolde, Summer Flowers, c.1930, Watercolour on Paper, 45 x 33cm, Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

Street Art DIHZAHYNERS in Beirut, Lebanon

Маlауsiаn artist Hong Yi drew a portrait оf hеr favorite singer with coffee stains. Тhis fаsсinаting wоrk tооk аbоut 12 hours to complete. #Art

Kristi Malakoff crеаtеs exquisitely delicate sсеnеs frоm pаpеr mоnеy.

You Blew Me Away by Penny Hardy