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Supercell - Howard, Kansas.

This makes absolutely no anchor, by very definition........SINKS. Dumbasses

  • Lindsay Squires

    I was also confused by the sinking anchor conundrum.

  • Julie Shilling

    I think the same thing. An anchor holds the ship in place, that's why people say your my rock, you're my anchor. It would make more sense if you had a ship that has the ability and is everyone's fear, and put I refuse to sink.

  • Nicole Colston

    Did you ever think that maybe the anchor represents all the things in life that are constantly trying to bring a person down!! The anchor is the burdens that we have but we don't let them sink us!! I mean, that's what I got out of it!!

  • Diane Wentz

    How about I refuse to drift. Lol

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Vladi Sobotka, St. Louis Blues (NHL)

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