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Food Digester! In addition to a compost bin, use this to digest dairy, meat and other "non composting" items. Make one of these for my parents!

Zero-Waste Food Digester

How to Make the Ultimate Compost Bin: Having three bins will let you separate older compost from newer compost so you'll be able to use the older compost sooner

How to Make the Ultimate Compost Bin -

This is such an adorable way to organize seeds! Too bad my seed tub is more of the 14-gallon size...

Organizing the Seed Stash | Chiot's Run

Drought resistant-Agastache-You can rely on agastache to cover itself in blooms throughout the summer and autumn. This variety, 'Desert Sunrise', offers orange blooms that feature pink and lavender tints. It attracts tons of hummingbirds and is a great cut flower, too

The Best Drought-Tolerant Perennials

40-50 days. Instead of edible roots, this interesting radish is grown for the abundant, slender seed pods that grow above ground on the leafy plants. The botanical name translates as, 'radish with a tail', and it is also called aerial radish or spicy bean. The pods are crisp and tender with a more subtle spiciness than a typical radish. Makes an interesting addition to vegetable trays, and is delicious in curries, stir-fry dishes, or pickled.

Tomato Indigo Rose

Eat Your Way to Good Health With Tomatoes | Home Gardening Tips

Best strawberry varieties for the Southwest

How to grow your own strawberries

A Hinged Cover for a Raised Bed Vegetable Garden - Keeps the Critters, Raises Temps, Easier to Get to Crops...

Both storage shed and a green house. Perfect for storing your potting supplies and tools out of sight and a great space to grow your plants.

How to replace the blade on your Felco pruners

this would be a fun project to do with rosemary wreaths, though they used a different plant for these

How To Build And Use A Cold Frame