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Forgotten Birthday Card

So very me, and I can't stand habitual liars people who use you while claiming they'd never do such a thing.

Migraine how I feel right now

Chronic migraine patients tend to minimize their pain to try to seem as "normal" as possible... Yes I do!

Migraine- Makes repeatedly being hit in the head by a spinning fan blade feel like a thrill park ride.

Soft Feet For The Summer - #Beauty, #Feet, #Summer

Soft Feet For The Summer

House Divided Flag - Michigan vs. Michigan State

Hidden Truths are unspoken lies.... lies... lies.... You should be use to it!!!

"Saturday take me away" quote via

''You can’t make everyone happy but you CAN be the best version of yourself & focus on those that love you. The rest is background noise that distracts you & waste’s your energy. Sadly perception is reality & you can’t change anyone’s mind, just how you react to them.'' #positivity #betruetoyourself

If it's worthwhile overall, it's worth the commitment to struggle. Nothing is 100% easy, but everything includes something to be grateful for. Look for those things, change what you can, and just let go of the things you can't (they take up too much space to keep them in your thoughts). ♥