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Blue Lagoon Margarita: Exotic and tropical.

Grilled Fish Tacos--These tacos, with grilled fish and an absolutely yummy cilantro-lime sour cream are perfect for a barbecue with friends this weekend. Via FineCooking

Drunken Chile Con Carne Tacos: This chile con carne is made with chunks of beef, much more common in Mexico than ground beef. It is slowly braised with beer and chocolate for full flavor. Via FineCooking

12 Mexican appetizers for your Cinco de Mayo party!

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Spicy Mango Ice Pops (Paletas de Mango Enchilado): Spiced with a bit of chili powder for a nice kick. Via FineCooking

Mojito Fruit Ice Pops: A terrific Cinco de Mayo treat and they're easy to make in big quantities, too. Two ten-pop molds turn out dessert for a crowd in no time. Via FineCooking

Seafood Guacamole: Add a little crab & shrimp marinated in orange juice and chipotle to your guacamole and you have a modern version worthy of a restaurant but simple enough for dinner at home.

Grilled Fish Tacos with citrus marinade and tangy cabbage slaw

How to Make Frozen Margarita Pops

Tequila-Infused Queso Fundido: Serve warm spooned into warm tortillas for soft tacos or scooped up with chips. Via FineCooking

Classic Vanilla Tres Leches Cake: This is the ultimate summer party cake, and its simplicity lends itself well to many variations and ways of dressing it up. Via FineCooking

Chocolate Tres Leches Cake: It's easy to give the classic Mexican tres leches cake a chocolate twist by substituting cocoa powder for some of the flour. The result is a cool, creamy chocolate treat, a bit like a chocolate icebox cake. Via FineCooking

Toasted Coconut Tres Leches Cake: In this twist on the classic Mexican tres leches cake, one of the three "milks" is rich, nutty coconut milk. Rum and flaked coconut in the topping amp up the tropical flavor even further. Via FineCooking

Boozy Berry-Topped Tres Leches Cake: This take on the classic Mexican tres leches cake is generously topped with tequila-spiked whipped cream and sweet, juicy summer berries. Via Fine Cooking

Soy sauce, pineapple juice, and lime juice may sound like an unusual combination, but it’s actually a very common Tex-Mex fajita marinade. These tacos are excellent dressed with sliced avocado and tangy tomatillo salsa. Via FineCooking

suckling pig tacos