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Liv Schneider

Liv Schneider

I'm a sucker for beautiful people and beautiful things. I like moments.

  • J.K Bock-Taylor

    It's up to us [women] to bring back "real" sizes. Raise your girls with a great sense of self. That's a start.

  • Stephanie Pickett

    I'm sure most people are referring to a "real woman" as not photo shopped and not starved to death looking. Naturally skinny people usually don't have that "I just threw up my dinner" figure. Thin and thick are both sexy.

  • Melinda Bunch Dobbs

    She looks healthy, fit, curvy and sexy. Too bad women nowadays are considered overweight and unfit if they are curvy. I like that this pic is a real picture and not photo shopped. Unfortunately too she would be told she needed to lose weight. Our society raises girls who see super thin models who do starve themselves for the camera and are made to feel ugly, unfit, or not sexy if they have curves. No wonder we have so many women with eating disorders and so many fad diets out there. I agree with J.K Bock-Taylor, raise your girls with a good sense of self-esteem and confidence so they'll feel beautiful both inside and out.

  • Pamela Jacobs

    Stephanie, in many cases, there's no way to tell a naturally thin person from an anorexic person. I am thin, especially above the hips, & I eat normally.

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