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13 Awesome Outdoor Bench Projects, Ideas Tutorials!

13 Awesome Outdoor Bench Projects, Ideas Tutorials!

Worth a try - Natural Weed Killer — 1 gallon vinegar, 1/2 cup salt, dash of dish washing detergent (makes it stick to the weeds). Mix well, spray on weeds in the morning, rejoice in their death that evening. This works best on a sunny day.

Plant 8 cucumber seeds at the base of a 4-6 foot tomato cage and "help" it climb up the cage. It takes less garden space and makes harvesting easier. I did this for the first time last year and it is the best method I have ever used.

How to Grow More Cucumbers with Tomato Cages | eHow

Did you know that cornmeal is birth control for seeds? Sprinkle it on your garden and it will keep weed seeds from germinating and growing into plants. Of course, cornmeal will keep any seed from germinating, so don’t try this on your vegetable garden until your plants are established and you’ve finished planting seeds.

Red Creeping Thyme - Fragrant & fast-growing 1" tall ground cover. Perfect with Sedums, KnockOut Roses, Ornamental Grasses, Daylilies, & Gaillardia.

growing sugar snap peas Plant two rows of seeds in a raised garden bed, placing them about a 1/2″ deep and sowing a seed every few inches. Support sugar snap peas with a trellis. Sugar snap peas are a viney veggie, and trellising the peas gives the growing plants the support they need.

Garden bed plan, for the corner of flower beds. This would make a great strawberry bed in our back yard

Corn 'On Deck Hybrid' - Sowing 9 seeds in a 24” diameter pot produces 27 ears of corn.

cinder block bench seating | Get the how to for this cinder block bench seat HERE

There's so much more to gardening than you would have guessed! Here are some fun and interesting facts about gardening in the US! #Infographic #Gardeing #FoodSaver

Alternative Gardning: How to Grow Onions - From Start to Finish

I want to do this for strawberries, then the berries can hang down. They'll be easy to pick and stay out of the dirt.

Brilliant - square foot gardening templates using muffin tins - Very clever indeed! I might try this with my carrots and lettuce this year.

Collect your pallets and head to your nearest home center to purchase the following: landscape ground cover (enough to wrap all around your pallets) gardening soil for flowers and vegetables (enough to fill your pallets) staple gun and nails vegetable, herb or flower seeds scissors (optional if you don’t have a set at home) Once home, unroll your landscape ground cover. Lay a pallet on top of the ground cover and cut approximately 8” additional cover around the exte