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Coding for Beginners

I'm learning to code with Codecademy and I think everyone should - including children. And especially girls!

So - you want to Teach your Kids Computer Programming? A useful blog post with ideas for teaching children of various ages to program.

So - you want to Teach your Kids Computer Programming?

Daisy the Dinosaur is another children's programming language for iPads but this is aimed at younger children. My 5 year old daughter LOVES it. Very simple but a good starting point which sets them up for Hopscotch and then Scratch.

Hopscotch - a children's programming language on the iPad! Not as sophisticated as Scratch but a great starting point for younger children. It's free and still in Beta. My daughter loves it!

Hopscotch | Coding for Kids

Want to know what to do with your Raspberry Pi? Go to your nearest RaspberryJam event and find out!

Code Club - The Interview. Brilliant Promo video for CodeClub - a project to set up a nationwide network of after-school closing clubs.

Building a FIGnition Computer

  • lizabeth hannaford

    If your children are learning about coding using Scratch, show them this! I love the way the boys in this video are so pleased when the code works.

How to Think Like a Computer Scientist by Jeffrey Elkner, Allen B. Downey and Chris Meyers. Free to download, guys!!

The Guardian's web developer, Chris Cross, gives the Raspberry Pi a go to see what he can do with it! Great video piece!

Teknoteacher's audioboo describes how he teaches Python to Yr 7 children (11/12 year olds) and the resources he uses.

Raspberry Pi is a tiny, cheap (25 quid!!) computer for children. It's a BBC Micro for the twenty-first century - something for children to tinker with and program. Could this revolutionise our relationship with computers?

Manchester Girl Geeks ran a Coding Workshop for beginners on 19.02.12. I like the binary biscuit display!

Newsnight report on ICT teaching in schools and the Next Gen report calling for kids to learn coding. October 2011

Codecademy is good but sometimes you need a little human help and some handy kitchen paper. Thanks Manchester Girl Geeks for providing a great Intro to Codecademy Event.

I made some "Love Javascript" biscuits to inspire me to keep going through the tough times with Codecademy!

Atul Varma explains how Hackasaurus tools make it easy for children to mess around with the building blocks that make up the web. Web pages are no longer static images that we consume passively. We can get behind them using the X-Ray Goggles, manipulate them and make the web do what WE want.