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Quilts I have made

This quilt I made for my grandmother. She had Asian inspired decor in her home

A little boy's chevron and the combination of textures. Soft and cuddly (I hope teehee)

Sam's Jersey quilt

Hugs N Kisses quilt to make. Quite a challenge for me ;-}

Chevron quilt made with half square triangles. Easy peasy

Chevron baby quilt, burp cloths and sushi roll changing pads to match

Here is what I did with the AYSO logos on all the jerseys....hope you like it

Kelsey's quilt - my first jersey quilt. Ton of fun making this quilt :D

Fundraiser Quilt Side A - 6 Hour Quilt Pattern

Side B of Fundraiser quilt - 6 Hour Quilt Pattern. I used a standard machine, not a serger.

The title of this pattern is La Chocolada. My good friend and I took a class and the book we used was "Quilts for Chocolate Lovers" It was my first time using an un-traditional square pattern

This simple kimono quilt pattern was inspired by my Grandmother's home decorations. They were Asian themed. There are 9 kimonos. One for each my grandmother, grandfather and their 7 children.

This one was made from leftovers of Little Miss' pink and purple quilt. I took buttons and tied them to the center of each heart.

The colors of the material reminded me of the vanilla ice cream and orange sherbet cups our grandfather gave us when we weren't feeling well. It was the first time I made a quilt placing squares on an angle.

This is a Thangles quilt. I was sent a few strips of material and a pattern sheet, once a week until 12 were received. My good friend back east sent them. It was fun, watching the quilt top take shape after the weeks went on.

A closer shot to see the colors and pattern better

This was for my girlfriend's second daughter. She had a ladybug design going on in her room.

Here is another shot of that quilt

This was the first quilt I made from my own design....I thank my son big time for the help with the math.