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Flowers Galore | Sea and Be Seen Inspiration #setthetable

Gallery & Inspiration | Picture - 1118330

A vibrant and independent beautiful woman is much more beautiful than a woman who waits for people to validate her existence. - Kelly McNeils Senegor

A vibrant and independent beautiful woman

25 Famous Quotes That Will Make You Even Prouder To Be A Feminist

The woman who does not require validation from anyone is the most feared individual on the planet:: Inspiring Women's Quotes:: Strong woman

Patience | The Fresh Exchange

Words for Monday: Patience is Key - The Fresh Exchange

She's a dreamer...a doer... a thinker! She sees possibility everywhere! :: Pin Up Quotes:: Strong Females:: Inspiring Words ♡

Collect Moments, not things! Live every moment to the fullest, posessions change but memories will always remain! :: Words to live by

Do it with passion, or not at all! :: Words to live by:: Passion Quotes

May the wings of your eyeliner always be even! :: Pin Up Quotes:: Winged Eyeliner:: Makeup Quotes

You are a forced to be reckoned with. Now, go out and show everyone what you're capable of! :: Confidence:: Pin Up Quotes:: Believe in yourself!

Words to live by.

You’re just somebody that I used to know (27 photos)

lol. So true. :) Cutting your hair is like getting rid of all your strains in life. You feel like a brand new person. ♥ Who ever knew that hair has that kind of effect on a person?

Hair Quotes: Motivation for a Good Hair Day Every Day

Live Life Quote, Life Quote, Love Quotes and more -> Curiano Quotes Life

Curiano Quotes Life