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Reuse It Arts & Crafts for Kids

Collection of Reused and recycled arts and craft projects that should be simple enough for kids to make on their own or with little assistance.

Patriotic Parade Streamers for Your Bicycles & Scooters | Alphamom

Make a Jellyfish in a bottle using a plastic water bottle, plastic bag, food coloring, and water. Looks really cool.

Transform a used milk or juice carton into a bird feeder or birdhouse and welcome spring this year with these upcycled crafts.

Liz Swafford: DIY for the birds: Upcycled birdhouse, bird feeders

Upcycle a milk carton into a functional Bird House. Includes detailed instructions and tips on decorating.

Fun: Make a milk carton birdhouse!

Natural Dyed Eggs - Instructions for using Coffee, Tea, Red Onion, Blueberry, and other unique ingredients.

Eco-Friendly Easter ideas - Non-Toxic Egg Dying, Easter Basket "Grass", and more ideas

Egg Carton Bat for easy Halloween decorating

A patriotic bottle cap wreath tutorial in time for the 4th of July.

Can-Do Robots These friendly robots are more than just good-looking; magnets hold their features in place, making the 'bots' the metallic equivalent of a Mr. Potato Head.

Cherry Blossom Art from a Recycled Soda Bottle