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"The Dinosaur Pet Guide" by John Conway.

A herd of Kosmoceratops dinosaurs grazes among the cypress trees 76 million years ago in a primeval swamp in what is now southern Utah. Image: Illustration by James Gurney

super cool dinosaur lamps for a child's room...or my room


Line diagrams of leptoceratopsids and selected out groups. Michael J. Ryan, David C. Evans, Philip J. Currie, Caleb M. Brown, Don Brinkman, New leptoceratopsids from the Upper Cretaceous of Alberta, Canada, Cretaceous Research, Volume 35, June 2012.

Fossils show dinosaur predators scavenged.

One of the skeletons at the Joseph Moore Museum at Earlham College gets ready for their open house., www.visitrichmond...

We know now that Protoceratops was an early type of horned dinosaur related to Triceratops.

'Shieldcroc' may be the father of all crocs.

Dinosaur Hall aka Most Awesomest Hall Ever!!