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Fruit Bouquets

Christmas Trees

Moonmelon (scientifically knows as asidus). This fruit grows in some parts of Japan and is known for its vibrant blue colour. This fruit's party trick is that it can switch flavours after you eat it. Everything sour will taste sweet, everything salty will taste bitter, and it gives water a strong orange-like taste.

CARVING - FRUITS and VEGETABLES By Chef Francisco Vita. In this video I am sharing technics and tips about fruit and Vegetables carving. Please, let us know your opinion. For further tips and others tricks, please do not hesitate to check our: Website: www.cheffrancisco... E-mail: mailto:cheffranci... Good luck for you ! All Pictures and Music "Through the clouds" by Francisco Vita - All rights reserved. CARVING - FRUITS and VEGETABLES

Fruit cups for a party. Just buy small plastic glasses and fill them up. Place on stand.

Wedding or baby shower ....