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Rock, Paper, Scissors- A Sight Word Game. Practicing sight words and playing a kids favorite game at the same time! $

2 player game, each player inserts his word list in spaces going across (one letter per box). Players take turns guessing coordinates. If they miss, they mark it on their board. If they hit a letter, they keep guessing until they miss. If they sink a word, the player marks it off of his list. The goal of the game is to sink all of your opponent's words.

literacy center sight word activities- put the sand in a pencil box for easy upkeep and clean up! Genius!

use poker chips for letters. could do with site words. (Word work)

Free! A blank Spelling Word Sort template that can be used for YOUR OWN words! Goal: I can sort the following words into categories. Directions: Have students fill in the word pattern being studied. The top boxes are to be used as a word bank. The bottom table has 4 columns so the words can be sorted in up to 4 categories. There is a spot at the top of each column to label the category name.

Weekly Spelling Homework FREEBIE! Includes ABC Order / 3 Times Each, Stair Step Spelling, Picture Spelling, Pencil/Crayon, and Spelling Sentence Printables. Great for second grade or first graders at the end of the year!

Do you use This is a great freebie to add a little cooperative learning to their online spelling and writing activity.

New Adventures in First Grade: Search results for words their way

sight words written on beans inside a pencil bag. Shake and read the words that pop up

Words Their Way Companion~ A Full Year of Lessons, Activities, and Assessments for within word learners. Word lists, letter tiles/making words lists, word& picture sorts, write the room activities, parent letters to send home, and "spelling tests". Everything you need for an entire year in one place! $ created by Nancy Taylor-Davis

26 pages of FREE Word Work Activities. Perfect for centers! Can be used over and over :)

Free online phonics game to practice cvc, ccvc, cvcc words and vowel phonemes!

OBSESSED with this word wall!! Just use a clothespin to hang the words on the ribbon!

Tired of the same old boring spelling homework and activities for kids? Here are 75 FUN Ways to Practice Spelling - writing & fine motor, gross motor, oral, games & online fun! Help kids learn those spelling words in a fun, meaningful and memorable way!

my favorite idea of them all. building blocks ... building words