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For a different spa experience, travel to Blue Lagoon, Iceland - it's the sulphur that makes the water so blue. The locals rub the volcanic rock and sulphur from the bottom of the lagoon on their bodies and use it as a face mask.

Blue Lagoon (Bláa Lónið)

Hidden bays Hvar - Sea Kayaking Adventure in Croatia - dalmatia: split: hvar croatia kayaking & canoeing hvar

Croatia - Elafiti Islands: Dalmatia Paradise

Croatia - Elafits Islands: Dalmatia Paradise

Korcula island, Dalmatia, Croatia

Inntel Hotel Zaandam, Netherlands | Incredible Pictures

Zaandam, Holland

Sunset at Kiholo Bay, Hawaii

THE TOWN WITH NO ROADS Giethoorn in Holland is a beautiful and quiet little village unique in that you will not find a single road in the entire town. connected by waterways and paths and some biking trails. Visitors are always welcomed and encouraged to rent an electric and noiseless "Whisper Boat" to explore this little piece of heaven on earth. Plus, without car pollution

Island of Brac, Croatia - one of the top 10 beaches in the world. The shape of the beach shifts with the changes in tide, currents and wind.

It’s been over 4 years since sea organs were built as a enrichment of the Zadar’s Riva-waterfront. The movement of the waves pushes air through the pipes, and makes them whistle. 35 Pipes are hidden in marble staircase, each one is tuned differently, and sometimes can be very loud. Sound comes out from two lines of holes as you can see on a pictures bellow. The area around the staircase was designed as a pier for uploading tourists on a big cruiser ships.