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love doesnt just go away love love quotes broken hearted depressive relationships quote couple

love doesnt just go away

I refuse to settle for anything less....

Every Girl Needs... friendship quote girl friends sad laugh bestfriends bff best support cheer SWEET!!!!!

Every Girl Needs...

i miss you. quotes..... I know this all too well from my husbands 3+ years of deployments

Sometimes friendships end because people grow apart. Other times, they end because people are assholes and you deserve better.

JMP --- no really, I have. Such a coward. & the ho doesn't seem to care...that or she wears the pants...(& you & I sure know how much u like a woman with an opinion, right?) Fun to watch. Karma

.this is my life...WOW thank God we can start over..... Lesson Learned

Twitter / DrunkBodhisatva:

Or even giving someone a chance to really see who they are! I know A HUGE COWARD!

Normal People don't go around destroying other human beings

Tesori Belle . . .: Quotes of the Week

They'll judge you anyway, so get down with your funky self!<----- I need to start doing this lol

own and feel proud :) every accomplishment is huge. no matter what the measuring contest is compared to others

BILL MAITLAND I had met the most beautiful woman I’d ever known in a way that should never have happened. We had never moved in the same orbits, knew the same people. We were complete strangers who were thrown together by one incident. I knew I wasn’t the kind of man she had been with, the kind of man she had obviously wanted. I was the frog to her princess, and I had been fool enough to believe that a kiss from the princess would transform me. But that only works in children’s fairy tales.

I was a dreamer before you went and let me down