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I laughed a little too hard at this. Its a kid dressed up as a tornado chasing a kid dressed up as Dorothy


Oh no. No no no no no.

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Cat gets caught barking by a human and resumes meowing

5 Second Rule - Custom Shoes by Carl Floyd Medley III, via Behance

Morning yoga routine gonna try it!

  • Maurice Dumit

    and exactly how do you get from 2 to 3 and 7 to 8 without jumping through an asana wormhole?

..chicken with bonnet

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The Little Mermaid likes iced coffee. Bet they don't have that under the sea.

Hold up. WHAT?!

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"Handerpants"- gives new meaning to being caught with your hands in your pants.

The hairdo really brings the outfit together.

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They don't even realize they've been electrocuted.

Shithead hat. The perfect accessory for fall.

Okay now pull the moss over your breast and gaze at the sky while you think of your unborn child....PERFECT!

Trash bags are huge this year in maternity wear.

Judy and Randy got carried away with the Food Saver.

Honey. Something is wrong with the baby!

This guy may just have ruined bacon for me.

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What would the lady from Spinkles think?

Just ... No.

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Salvador Dali on "What's My Line?"

Forget the remote control – use this magic wand to change the channel!