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Place Osage Oranges (aka horse-apple or hedge-apple) under beds and in pantry to repel spiders and insects. Scientific studies have found that extracts of Osage orange repel several insect species, in some studies just as well as the widely-used synthetic insecticide DEET.

Terra-cotta Pot tower: plant a whole herb garden in one tower: rosemary + sage + parsley + thyme + oregano + basil + chives + mint

New Gardener Hints and Tips

Organic Fertilizer & Pest Control For Your Garden

To protect your hostas, especially those growing in pots, cover the soil with used coffee grounds. Not a slug in sight!

"White Feathers" Hosta- Comes up white in the spring and turns a super pale green in the summer. Gorgeous.

Tree decor & home for elves

Amazing Organic Weed Killer Spray. 1/2 gallon of Apple Cider Vinegar 1/4 c table salt 1/2 tsp Dawn liquid dish soap Mix and pour into a spray bottle Spray weeds thoroughly. It makes 1/2 gallon for around $6.40 It worked better than Round Up & killed the weeds on first application. The Dawn dish soap strips the weed of it's protective oils so the vinegar can work with deadly force. Safe to use a yard used by pets

How to build and install raised bed gardens

A trio of mosquito repelling potted plants. Perfect for the back porch: (1) Citronella, or West Indian lemongrass, is a tall plant and the source for citronella oil. (2) Catnip is said to be 10 times more effective than DEET in repelling mosquitoes. (3) Cascading Geranium will cascade over its pot and add a delicate floral scent to your potagerie.

good way to grow vegs and herbs in a small backyard and still have an entertaining area

How to Build a Lasagna Garden

How to Build a Lasagna Garden

How To Start A Vegetable Garden With this step-by-step article, its fun and easy!

No Garden? Here Are 66 Things You Can Can Grow At Home In Containers

Asparagus is one of the tastiest, easiest vegetables you can g row. A little work up front pays off with years of good eating. Find out how to plant and manage this quintessential spring crop.