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hedgehog - amigurumi free crochet pattern

Hedgehog Amigurumi Pattern

Tina Ballerina Bear = free Crochet Pattern by Squirrel Picnic

Tina Ballerina Bear Crochet Pattern

Humpty Dumpty Puzzle Doll - free crochet pattern

FREE PATTERN! Humpty Dumpty Puzzle Doll

Ninja Patterns - all sneaky crochet and FREE! Collection on

Juggling Cats - free crochet pattern

Susie Farmgirl: Juggling Cats

hen - free crochet pattern

hen pattern by Emma Wilke

Double the fun - Double the Flop - Free Crochet Pattern Adult-Child-TOddler

Double The Fun – Double The Flop Hat

Panda Big Foot - Free Crochet Pattern ~ Amigurumi To Go

Panda Amigurumi Free Pattern ~ Amigurumi To Go

Harold the Hedgehog - free crochet pattern

Harold the Hedgehog

Harper Hedgehog - free crochet pattern

Harper Hedgehog

Make your own Pocket Thor -free crochet pattern

Mini Monsters - crochet pattern $

Buy Mini Monsters amigurumi pattern -

Pearl Babies - Free Crochet Pattern

Granny's Love Knots: Pearl Babies Pattern

Drowsy Owl Hat - Free Crochet Pattern

Repeat Crafter Me: Crochet Drowsy Owl Hat Pattern

Little Bigfoot Giraffe - free crochet pattern

Little Bigfoot Giraffe Amigurumi Pattern ~ Amigurumi To Go

Hug Monster - free crochet pattern

Hug Monster pattern by Linda Salant

Super TED - free amigurumi crochet pattern

Super TED Free Amigurumi Pattern

Little Red Riding Mouse - Free Crochet Patterns

Little Red Riding Mouse Free Patterns ~ Amigurumi To Go

Charlotte the Cat - free crochet pattern

Charlotte the Cat by NVKatherine

Betty the Hippo - free crochet pattern

Betty the Hippo pattern by Knots of Rainbows

SpongeBob - free crochet pattern

Holy Spongebob pattern by Sabrina Boscolo

Dress Up Piggies and Clothes - Free Crochet Patterns

Dress Up Pigs Free Pattern ~ Amigurumi To Go

Pascal the Otter - free crochet pattern

Animal Crossing: Pascal the Otter pattern by i crochet things

Chicken Little - free crochet pattern

Octopus and Crab - free crochet patterns (English included)

The Little Crab Coconut - Part 2