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Building CVC Words with magnets or dry erase markers! Student self-check cards make this a great independent center. Recording sheets are included for student accountability. $

Mrs. Jones's Kindergarten: Magnets + Who wants free stuff?

St. Patrick's Day craft - make a rainbow with fruit loops

Whole class homework incentive - Pin the letters face down onto a board. When the whole class brings in their completed homework, turn a letter around. Once the word homework can be fully seen as a class vote on a reward.

custom coloring pages...great for the first day of school morning work...serves 2 purposes. They know where to sit and can color as they come in.

First Day Checklist...want to compare her list with mine

End of the year gift!! Class photo collage of their potential professions. Or just do it every year for your child!

HEY MISS DEBBIE LOOK AT THIS! do you already have it??? cute cute ute Handprint calendar!! So cute. Our very favorite Kindergarten teacher (you know who you are!!!) did this with the kids each month and then compiled a book that they brought home at the end of the year. It was fun to see how the kids hands had grown by the end of the year. Thank you Mrs. W!!!!

Snowman made of popsicle sticks; Paint your popsicle stick white. Use colored felt to make hats and scarves and glue to the stick. Draw or paint on the snowman's face. Put on a hanger as described above and you are done. use a variety of colors and patterns to make the hats and scarves. Use popsicle size and tongue depressor size sticks to vary your snowman and add more interest to your tree.

Family Ever After....: Kid Craft: paper plate santa

Healthy kids need all the activity they can get! The ABCs of Yoga for Kids Poster by Kathleen Rietz

These Whole Brain Teaching posters include clip art and have different color fonts. They would be perfect for a primary classroom, or any classroom...

Mrs. Karen's Preschool Ideas: Beginning of School and many other themes