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Woodland Creatures

Nature at its best.

Bear cub climbing lesson.

Big Bears Teaching Their Teddies How To Bear
  • Amanda Wright

    If we merge together as one then mom won't see us and tell us to get down

#Moose sighting while hiking in Utah.

Bridal Bunny — a love supreme photography : maine wedding photography

Woodland Fairytale Styled Shoot

Summer is all about finding the perfect water sports sandal.

Twitter / CuteEmergency: sandals game on point ...
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You never know what you'll find at the back yard bird bath. #Deer #Fawn

Bear cubs rescued from dumpster - watch the video to see how it all happened. :)

We're watching the LIVE #EagleCam from Maine! Could hatch any day after 4/21.

  • Tamsen Beasley

    Have followed berry college eagle cam from egg to fledge! So great !!!

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Have you ever seen a Pine Marten in the wild?

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Did you know that red fox in Maine are usually born between March and April? Young fox, called kits, emerge from their dens after about four weeks. The male and the female help care for their young until the kits leave to establish their own territories, usually in the fall. Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Barr. This post originally appeared on the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge page

  • Trendy Pet

    We just love Spring. Such a cute baby! thanks for sharing such interesting info!

Though we’ll miss the snow, we’re excited to see flocks of birds return in the spring. Will you recognize these Northeastern birds when they come home?

Maine man gets a surprise: four bears living not far from his front door! Click on image to see the video.

Today is National Potato Chip Day!

Squirrels love pumpkin.

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Attention knitters! The Penguin Foundation needs knitters to make sweaters for penguins! Click on photo for sweater patterns. Update: They have too many sweaters!

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Max the Maine orphaned baby moose to be relocated to the Gray Animal Farm. (video)

Orphaned Moose in Soldier Pond

"Stampeding" herd of rabbits! Watch the video to see all the action.

Rabbit Island, Known as Okunoshima, is the Cutest Japanese Island
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Happy Valentine's Day

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