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Post It, Prove it is a great way to check for understanding. You can use this informal assessment at many point during the day, even as an exit ticket.

Classroom DIY: DIY Place Value Chart

Classroom DIY: DIY Place Value Chart

Minute to Win It: Math Facts Style!

A Teacher without a Class: Minute to Win It: Math Facts Style!

Fraction Brainstorming

Teaching Maths with Meaning: Maths Displays

FREE Adding Fractions with Different Denominators Worksheet

This ready-made, easy-to-assemble, 3D shapes flip book covers sphere, cylinder, cone, pyramid, cube, and rectangular prism. It also presents illustrated examples, and definitions, for important vocabulary terms such as vertices, edges, and faces. $

FREE Self-Checking Multiplication Facts Worksheet when you subscribe to the FlapJack YouTube channel. :)

Making math fun with Tic-Tac-Toe and self-checking "poke" cards.

FlapJack Educational Resources: Tic-Tac-Toe with Poke Cards

Math Fishing Fun! Use the classic fish game and task cards (we use self-checking QR code task cards) to make a super fun work station.

Here is a GREAT lesson on making a circle graph inspired by a great piece of math literature. Very motivating for students!

Using pizza Play-Doh to compare fractions - worked great on white boards, and we found out that protractors make great pizza cutters!

FREE Earth Day Subtraction Task Card Activity by Hello Mrs Sykes

Here's a graph for charting class birthdays. Have the kids complete it as a class discovery activity.

This seems like a great hands on way to talk about equivalent fractions

Freebie- Angle Measures Task Cards- Reasoning with Angle Relationships- by Hello Learning- FREE

Distributive Property of Multiplication

Factors and Multiples notebook entry - includes reflection and poster activity ideas

GEOMETRY COLONIAL TOWN The year is 1645 and the setting is New England. Your students' task is to create a Colonial Town working with Measurement, Decimals, Area, and Perimeter. Student friendly instructions and rubric. An excellent compliment to U.S. History Unit.

Learning to tell time can be boring for spice it up and teach it in a way they will never forget! Teach students about Salvador Dali and his famous artwork, The Persistence of Memory, where Mr. Dali portrays clocks in a very unusual way. In this lesson students will paint an unusual landscape as well as unusual clocks using Dali and his famous artwork as inspiration.

Cute way to help students explain math concepts

Assume Nothing! Why Some Strategies Might Not Work (At First): Blog Post - A useful multiplication strategy didn't quite sink in, because of a simple missing piece of prior knowledge...the ability to tell time!

Miss Third Grade: Horray for Arrays!