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Middle School Common Core

This board includes Common Core freebies, products, and ideas that relate to Middle School.

Ok, I think most of you have chewed on this problem long enough so now it's time for the solution... let's dive in!

Branson Reader's Workshop / Anchor Charts Photos - Writing Hooks. Incent visitors to keep reading.

Flocabulary - Educational Hip-Hop. This was a great lesson on teaching how to write a thesis.

This may seem a little tricky at first. But once it is read carefully it can be "dissected", and this is precisely the skill that is needed for higher levels of education and for more advance courses in mathematics.

Love this genre web for October- would make it that much more exciting to record the different books we read in October!

Table Top Poetry - Mrs Lodge's Library

Great companies want & demand great thinkers that can solve more than mere word problems! The "general form" of a solution to a math problem is important as well as required for true excellence in math.

The solution is straightforward. Take a look to see how I used improper fraction to solve it...

The solution is straightforward. Take a look to see how I used improper fraction to solve it...

Literacy & Math Ideas: Common Core Exit Slips

The secret to being able to closely read text is knowing what to pay attention to while reading. These 20 task cards help readers practice analyzing the important parts of informational text. Use with any informational text. Common Core aligned.

If you are working on close reading, you will find these task cards helpful. These 20 task cards address the common details that should be focused on while closely reading literature. These can be used over and over with any novel or reading passage.

Common Core Task Cards: Grade 8--This collection of 40 task cards is aligned to the Grade 8 Common Core Standards. These task cards cover ALL of the Literature and Informational Text Standards. Use them with any book or informational text. They are a great way to introduce the Common Core Standards to your students. Use them for: Writing Journal Prompts, Small Group Discussion Prompts, or Reading Lessons

The first weekend of October... and the first WPOTD of October :-) Ok so we really don't see too many applications involving mixed numbers & improper fractions, but they're all around us. Check out this real-world scenario......

Have students create - they have to make the regular octagon, bisect the sides and them bisect those angles. Great practice!

Parts of a Math Expression

See how to approach the solution to the Word Problem of the Day and why it builds on prior knowledge of fraction fundamentals! Enjoy...

Ready to rock your student's brains again? Here is the next Word Problem of the Day (WPOTD). To get the most value out of these WPOTDs, here's what I recommend...