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Middle School Common Core

This board includes Common Core freebies, products, and ideas that relate to Middle School.

(100 Reading Passages) Grade 7 Daily Common Core Literature and Informational Text--Analyze characters, analyze figurative language, evaluate the plots of multiple texts, and more-- Original YA fiction, adventure, historical fiction, realistic fiction, poetry, and informational text passages plus Common Core questions are included. Every Common Core Literature and Informational Text Standard is covered. The Common Core Standard is written next to each question for easy progress monitoring.

Are you looking for a cheat sheet that tells what the grade level equivalents are to Lexile levels? Access this free sheet. It is great for planning lessons and for progress monitoring.

(100 Reading Passages)-- 20 Weeks of Grade 6 Daily Common Core Reading Practice in Just 5 Minutes a Day--Every Common Core Literature and Informational Text Standard is Covered--Character traits, figurative language, close reading, inference and more are covered. This is great for steady literature skill review.--informational text, realistic fiction, action, poetry, and historical fiction passages are included$

Interactive Venn Diagrams. Can be used for any subject. It creates double and triple venn diagrams. You choose the categories and the "bubbles" to go in them. Bubbles can be dragged around on the screen.

Middle School Common Core resources-Reading passages and Common Core questions are included with each document. Daily Common Literature practice that can be completed in just five minutes a day, Common Core exit slips, close reading literature and informational text passages, and more.

This blog post includes helpful teaching tips and free task cards to help students vary their sentences.

Original middle school science fiction literature--A short story, close reading, comprehension, and character analysis practice are all included. This great for Common Core.

Literacy Math Ideas: Tips for Understanding Word Problems

Literacy Math Ideas: Freebie! Hog Dog With Everything On It: A Fun Way to Get Students To Elaborate About Their Thinking

This bundle of middle school literature task cards includes 120+ task cards that cover seven Common Core Literature Standards. Questions are posed at different levels of Bloom's Taxonomy so that students analyze character traits, understand how text organization contributes to a text, determine the differences of points of view, and more. The task cards contain short literature and informational text passages. $

These 36 task cards are written at multiple levels of Bloom's Taxonomy. They thoroughly cover Common Core Point of View Standards RL.6 and RI.6. The task cards also contain helpful teaching tips to help students understand these standards. $

Differentiated Informational Text Close Reading Passages~This document contains differentiated informational text passages to enable students that read at different reading levels to practice closely reading text while learning about social studies. This is a great tool for reinforcing Common Core Informational Text and Common Core Geography skills simultaneously.

These task cards are differentiated to help students that read at different levels. Short informational text passages are included that build content area knowledge and vocabulary. Students identify and analyze how authors use text structure. This is perfect for Common Core Standards RI.5 Text Structure and RI.4 Vocabulary.

These task cards are unique because they teach about dividing fractions. Plus, they provide practice too. Word problems and standard form math problems are both included to help students understand this math skill in a variety of contexts. This meets the rigor of the new Common Core Standards and other assessment tests. The helpful diagrams and teaching tips help students gain the skills that are needed to master math skills. A printable box is also included.

These least common multiple (LCM) task cards contain questions in traditional format AND in word problem format to help students understand LCM in the context of real world situations. This is the goal of state assessments and the new Common Core Standards. The document reviews and teaches LCM using a variety of formats, illustrations, guided practice, and independent practice problems. The document comes with a printable box. This is great for state assessments and Common Core.

Greatest Common Factor (GCF) Task Cards--These 28 task cards teach and review. Traditional format and word problems are both included. The diagrams and explanations help students understand what greatest common factor means and how this concept applies to the real world. Practice cards are included too. A printable box has been included for storage. Hand a box of task cards to a group of students for small group review. Or, send home a box with a student that needs extra practice.

(Advanced) Division of Fractions Task Cards-These division of fraction task cards provide helpful tips for dividing fractions. The document also comes with a printable box for convenient storage too. Give a box to a small math group for test prep. Or, send home a box with a student that needs extra review.

Where's the video? After learning about heat transfer I have my students listen to Flanders and Swann 1964 radio broadcast -The First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics. At first they are like "audio only, -whatever" Then they really get into it and start singing along. Link to the video (It's really audio) in the pin information.

These 36 task cards are written at multiple levels of Bloom's Taxonomy. They thoroughly cover Common Core Point of View Standards RL.6 and RI.6. The task cards also contain helpful teaching tips to help students understand these standards. $