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Watch This Hilarious Video Of Men Experiencing Childbirth. I enjoyed this way too much.

Dock hammock. I want this!

Think about these words. I am in love with this quote. Slow down people. Enjoy life; let your kids enjoy life. Play outside. Be home and chill.

This was too funny not to pin

NEVER!!! My friends are the best. They would never do this. Haha.

How to clean the glass on your oven door in minutes! I'll have to remember this

the world's most perfect fertilizer + pesticide is epsom salt. This is so true- every other week- 1 gallon of water, 1 TBSP of miracle grow and 3 TBSP of epsom salt- I promise a great garden all season. Hmmm, I really should try this.

How to tell your children the truth about Santa. This made me tear up...what a beautiful mom! SAVE THIS FOR WHEN YOUR CHILDREN ASK. Love it

This is so easy. Cut out any scary shapes on black cardboard, tape to window panes, cover with yellow tissue paper and light from behind. It's a great effect.

Ideas for Hot Chocolate Bar for Christmas cute!!