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.<. delicious drinks .>.

After Christmas- Skinny Fiber Fat Flush and Detox Ingredients 1 cucumber 1 lemon 2 limes 1 bunch of mint Slice them all and divide the ingredients between four 24 oz water bottles Lemons: Help in the absorption of sugars and calcium and cuts down your cravings for sweets. Cucumbers act as a diuretic and flush fat cells. It is alkalizing to the body and increase your energy levels. Limes promote a healthy digestive tract. Mint is a natural appetite suppressant that also aids in digestion..

Pumpkin Pie Liqueur - OMG this is so good! Add vodka and some ice. Shake. Top with a tiny bit of nutmeg for a great pumpkin martini!

Pumpkin pie drink. Pumpkin pie cream liquor, sugar cookie vodka,kahlua and milk!

Starbucks Drinks calories - I must memorize!!! Woo when I hit the USA iced skinny lattes are MINE!

Skinny Vanilla Iced Coffee - 27 calories and 0.5 g sugar only 1g carb. Vegan, vegetarian and gluten free. Only 6 sugar calories! Good for those who are watching their carbs/sugar calories or Diabetics

As seen on pinterest. Freeze coffee into cubes and pour almond milk ovrr it for a delicious drink that is great for diabetics also'nn

I might have to try this...Starbucks Frappuccino Ingredients: 10 cups fresh coffee 1/2 cup of brown sugar 1/2 cup of white sugar 1/2 cup of French Vanilla Coffee Creamer Directions: While your coffee is brewing, grab a pitcher and throw the brown sugar and white sugar in the bottom. When your coffee is finished pour directly into pitcher so that all of the sugar dissolves quickly, then stir. Add coffee creamer and stir again. Let refrigerate overnight.