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fun things to do with your hair

How To Make An Elastic Headband | Twist Me Pretty

How To Make An Elastic Headband | Twist Me Pretty

Low Dutch Twisted Braid Updo.... Lacy, did you pin this for me? Sure wish you were around to do it to my hair like the good ol' days!

30 Braids in 30 Days – Day 18 | Hair Romance

The twisted side bun--not for me, but for my girls. They'd be so pretty in this hairstyle.

The Twisted Side Bun

A go-to ponytail replacement: The braided knot. Split your hair down the middle like you are going to do pigtails. Braid each section back, away from your face. Take each braided section and tie into a knot. Pin into place as well as any loose ends.

Hair getting in your way and you can't find an elastic? Come checkout this super easy pencil bun tutorial! Perfect style for everyday | Twist Me Pretty

Pencil Bun | Day 23 | Twist Me Pretty

cute upstyle option, works for me since i usually tie my hair up in a tiny pony tail

fast, wet hairstyles that'll keep you lookin fab this summer | Twist Me Pretty

Hairstyle tutorials for wet hair

An upstyle that looks great with a tee-shirt and jeans or a formal gown. Styled in under 10 minutes, this is a hairstyle you must have in your toolbox! | Twist Me Pretty

Twisted Chignon | Day 30 | Twist Me Pretty

1. Put on the headband. Try to find one that is not too tight on your head since it will then slip up easier. Don´t worry if it slips up a bit now, you will fix that later. 2. Take all of the hair (or if you want to leave a few shorter pieces in the front do that) and roll it around the headband. Arrange it nicely and tuck down the hair some more where needed. 3. Secure with bobbypins, especially if you are a bit flat headed like me. This is for extra security so the headband will stay put.

Yet another beauty site

Triple Twisted Pony Tail - Twist Me Pretty Love that you don't need an elastic!

Triple Twisted Ponytail | Day 4 | Twist Me Pretty

Cycling through the same few hairstyles? Come try out this gorgeous and quick laced messy bun tutorial at Twist Me Pretty. Great style for summer!

Braided Messy Bun | Day 19 | Twist Me Pretty

Is this not the most beautiful knotted bun? Abby's video tutorial makes learning this style so easy! PIN and save for your next fancy night out!

Knotted Updo | Day 25 | Twist Me Pretty

It’s Thursday. Which means tomorrow is Friday. And I usually wash my hair Friday’s because it’s also date night and the man likes fresh smelling hair. I don’t see what the big deal is… but I try to please when…

Triple Twisted Ponytail | Day 4 | Twist Me Pretty

This challenge starts tomorrow!!!

Twist Me Pretty

I like some of these. When I my hair grows out again...Styling a noVae Clothing Wrap. Hairstyles | Twist Me Pretty

Twist Me Pretty

Celtic Knot Tutorial, also known as the infinity knot or braid. It's an easy way to create a unique hairstyle.

Celtic Knot Tutorial | Twist Me Pretty

want all of these products. i just keep reading good reviews on all of them.

Workout hairstyles- because if I do any more messy buns, all my hair is gonna break off

5 workout hairstyles | Twist Me Pretty

How-to: Topsy Tail Revisited: Messy Bun | Twist Me Pretty [Video]

Messy Bun | Twist Me Pretty

Blair Waldorf #hairstyle #tutorial. Easy hairstyle and super fun spin on a boring ponytail! | Twist Me Pretty

Blair Waldorf | Twist Me Pretty

Different Up-do’s For The Ponytail Lover - VIDEO - If you are guilty of throwing your hair back into a ponytail most days, this is the tutorial for you! With three different, easy ways to change up the classic ponytail. Great for everyday tasks or even to go out on the town in!

High bun | Twist Me Pretty

Twist Me Pretty | Twisted Together #hairtutorial #video #longhairstyles

Twisted Together | Day 29 | Twist Me Pretty

I absolutely love the simple undone look of this hairstyle. To see this tutorial and hundreds of others, visit Twist Me Pretty

Twirled Around | Day 21 | Twist Me Pretty

Twist Me Pretty is teaching the four basic braids which will help you learn over 40 new hairstyles!! FREE DIY VIDEO + pictures = Happy Me

DIY | 4 basic braids | Twist Me Pretty