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Shoulder, bicep, hip piece. Lovely.

My unfinished Phoenix tattoo

Phoenix Tattoo idea. Absolutely love it, just needs to be in color with the wings more open!

phoenix tattoo with cherry blossoms. Very similar ro something I would want

Phoenix Tattoo thinking calve/ankle

full back phoenix tattoo design with very vivid color

I've always loved the idea of a Phoenix tattoo but never found one I liked, but I loovee this one.

phoenix tattoo. My next tattoo!

Tattoo You - i really want to try this! great way to test out places to see if you'd want a real one there too!

Beautiful Stars Tattoos (the ones that look less starish)

I love this. So much.

I should have this put on sticky notes around my house. A friend of mine said I'm scared of just about everything.

This is very cool. I have talked to people who got their tattoos because they are grieving a loss. This is so much better than a portrait of an ex.