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DIY Montessori Activities

A collaborative board for making your own Montessori and homeschool lessons and activities at home or in the classroom with these DIY pins! {Contributors please post no more that *TWO* posts per day to the board, Montessori only please, thanks!}

Ideas for Montessori continent activities using Montessori Print Shop materials. Examples in the post use North America printables but can be applied to other continents as well.

Tips and tricks for planting seeds with kids! You will wish you read this BEFORE starting gardening activities with kids!


Tea Party with a food for every part of the Easter Story! Perfect for easter!!!! We need to do this!

Footsie Bunny! Too Cute! I am so doing this! Perfect easter craft!

Everything you need to know about hatching chicks with kids and how to incubate chicken eggs at home! You won't believe how simple and inexpensive this science activity can be - and how we do it in our city home!

This Easter egg name puzzle is a great way to practice learning to spell a name. It is also great for practicing sight words and makes a cute preschool craft!

Montessori inspired learning activities for toddlers. via #Montessori Nature Blog

Here are the results of our seed germination for kids science experiment! Find out what seeds are best to grow with kids, indoors, without soil. And some neat activities with sprouting seeds too!

So Many Nature Walk ideas for kids! These ideas are great for Earth Day - and this post has links to TONS of Activities for Earth Day!

Building and tracing shadows - I just love the simplicity in this activity for preschoolers, toddlers, and big kids! A great activity for a sunny afternoon - or anytime with a flashlight!

Dinosaur Sensory Bin + Free Montessori cards via Montessori Nature

Spring art projects for kids can't get cheerier than these colorful trees! Such a fun and easy way to introduce some real art techniques - with a stunning outcome! Great for preschoolers and big kids too!

So many different seed activities for kids! From science experiments, art, creating, and just playing - lots of great ideas to get preschoolers (and everyone!) ready for the garden.

The Montessori on a Budget blog: Montessori Spring Composting: Vermiposting

14 INCREDIBLE DIY bird feeders for kids! Homemade bird feeders have never looked so good - such unique and yet simple ideas!

Garden & Seed Play Table

7 simple spring activities for kids! Get back to basics this spring ... these activities are must dos and the only supply you need is time! Full of learning, nature, and bonding.

Montessori Zoology: Animal Stories & Cards for Ages Six and Up {Montessori on a Budget}

Vegetable Garden in a Box Montessori Style {Montessori on a Budget}

This is the easiest way to sprout seeds with kids - with some great tips too. This science experiment is great for demonstrating seeds germination and observing roots and sprouts. A great way to get kids excited about nature learning and the garden!

Mummy Musings and Mayhem: A Parent's Guide to Choosing Quality Child Care (part 2) .....Home Based/Family Day Care