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J.L. B

J.L. B

I am a mommy and that's all that matters!

Expectant mothers can find which Disney World rides have restrictions using this search tool

Maelstrom. This is a ride at Epcot. An "E" ticket ride, if you will. With a "Fastpass". And a line. The only "thrill" ride in Immigrant-land (the part of Epcot that is not "Future-World" other words, the "lame" side). Worst ride ever. And they make you watch a film afterwards. I just connot stress the incredible lamness of this ride (lame by ANY parks standards, but this is at a DISNEY park).

this -> In my dream house we have an entire dog room. It's where they will eat, where they get bathed, where I can put them when we have company that I don't want them jumping on or sticking their noses up their butts. It also has a doggie door to the dog run yard outside. I love my dream house. Can't wait to move in.

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  • Brittany Tucker

    I'm planning on going to hobby lobby tomorrow too.

  • Rachael Thackston

    Home Depot ir Lowes for buckets? You may have to spray paint a silver one white?

  • Jess Garza

    Good idea....way pricey though if I had only one kid I'd buy it but I have 3 plus niece and nephew lol making them is a goal.

  • Jamie Demski

    Such a cute idea!!

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great idea for no sticking when painting.

I like the overall look, but feel like the room needs a little bit of color to break up all of the off-white. The tree next to the fireplace reminds me of my Aunt Carolyn's house. Something like this would look good in her living room.

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PHOTO: Turn off all lights except for the Christmas tree, f-stop 1.4, ISO 160, SS