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Kraft American Singles recall!!!

Newsroom Olympics: Ties and Makeup

Newsroom Olympics: Skeleton Luge

Newsroom Olympics: 3 Person Bobsled

Newsroom Olympics: Curling

See That Box? That's where they put the babies. And it's the most remarkable thing you'll see all week

Farmer charged with animal cruelty still not feeding horses

Disney Dreams Dashed: A woman cons local families out of their money pretending to book them vacations to Disney World.

Health Alert: Urgent Plea for Blood Donors

Mother Accused of Leaving Baby in Truck that Wasn't Running

Kraft warns of Velveeta shortage

Iams donates 40,000 pounds of dog food to the Cincinnati SPCA

A local dog suffers third degree burns in a house fire. Vets didn't expect him to survive, now three weeks after the fire the Park Hills Animal Hospital is asking for help to keep Edison alive. Local 12's Tiffany Wilson reports

Medical Edge: Superbugs Medical reporter Liz Bonus asks experts at TriHealth about how a quick prescription might become the very thing that puts you in the hospital.

Want to know a little bit about the day you're living through right now? Check out August 12th On This Day

Kangaroo Fitness! Life would be better if everyone bounced everywhere they went.

All we can say is... ouch!

Delicious seafood in the tri-state #yumm

Kings Island is debuting a new attraction! #cincinnati #fun

Beautiful photo submitted by Local 12 viewer, Ryan, to our Instagram (@local12wkrc) and Twitter (@Local 12/WKRC-TV) accounts!

Twinkies, gotta love 'em

Lawyers using treadmill desks.