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Share a moment of sweetness with our Bonne Mère Honey body care products, touched with notes of golden orange blossom. #loccitane #provence

This white mallow flower has lent itself to our Bonne Mère Milk collection, which leaves skin tender and smooth. #loccitane #provence

Vintage posters like these convey the wholesome goodness of Marseille soaps, now used by good mothers everywhere! #loccitane #provence

Marseille soaps have been made for over 600 years! Now, there are only a handful of factories remaining in the area, but you can visit the Savonerie de Marseille to observe the production process and learn more! #loccitane #soap

  • maksim razbo

    L'occitane has nothing to do with traditional marseilles savoneries, it' a commercial brand. Despite specific production methods, Marseilles soap has not been granted an “Appellation Contrôlée” label, thus permitting misuse of the term.

Marseille soaps are not only useful, they are beautiful! These stamps show the variety that can be achieved in the final stage of production.

The process of making Marseille Soaps – Savons de Marseille – takes about one month. The mixture can include either olive oil or palm oil, and you can tell by whether the soap is green or white in color.

Traditional Marseille soaps contain 72% vegetable oils. These biodegradable soaps are both affordable and effective – three good reasons to have at least one at home! (c) José Nicolas

This church, Notre-Dame de la Garde, is called « La Bonne Mere » or, « The Good Mother » by locals of Marseille. It overlooks the city’s port like the city’s maternal protector.

As an ingredient in our new collection of Bonne Mere products, honey is softening and comforting.

Savonerie de Marseille even invites you to visit its workshops and study all stages of production. This soap factory presents many soaps with surprising virtues in its own store, such as soap with grape seed oil, good for exfoliating, and regenerating, or the propolis soap, recommended for young skins. A little treat to use without moderation!