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Writing Ideas

Get your reluctant writers writing this Halloween season! Inspire their imaginations with this whimsical witch to hold their work. $

Create, Teach, and Share: October Delights and PERFECT Sentences!

Biography Bottles: 2 liter soda bottle with a styrofoam ball on the top for the head...decorated to look like a character from a book, person from history.... near endless possibilities. Love this as a reading response option.

$3. This product includes 24 task cards aligned with TEKS and common core standards for English/language arts/writing. Questions include a sentence or phrase, and students must answer whether it is a complete or incomplete sentence. Instructions are included for 4 methods of review: 1) task cards review in centers/groups/pairs/individuals, 2) a SCOOT game, 3) a Quiz-Quiz-Trade game, and 4) a Be the Teacher game.

Grammar Grade 3 Common Core Aligned- All you need including calendar and printables with standards plugged in to each activity $6

Gobs of Grammar - Grade 3 Common Core Aligned

SUBJECT and VERB IDENTIFICATION~ This 88-slide PowerPoint makes learning fun! Students enjoy the entertaining animations, cartoon characters, and humorous dialogue. Students learn the trick of eliminating prepositional phrases to find the subject and verb of a sentence. Includes a list of common prepositions and practice worksheet! #preposition #verb #subject #PowerPoint $

Each student comes up and picks a stick out of my hand; they have to place the word in the right cup. Then, after all sticks have been sorted, students can choose one stick from each cup and create a sentence using all three words. A great informal assessment!

Rainbow Revision -- A fantastic technique for breaking down revising into easy-to-follow steps!

Speech Bubbles for pictures - laminating them would make them perfect for dry erase markers. Teaching quotation marks!

Write a boring adjective at the bottom of the paint strip on the most boring color. Give each student a paint strip and they can use a thesaurus or a word wall to think of "more colorful" words for their strip. Hang all of their strips on the door and they can use those words to help "make their writing colorful!"

Writers Workshop: Revising (ARMS) & Editing (CUPS) This is a good visual for students to show the difference between Editing and Revising which are parts of the writing process.