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Dream Garden from High Mowing Organic Seeds

Our dream garden

Now that Oregon winter has passed (aka we got 4 days of snow), I can be excited for spring!

Weeping Willow, Giverny -- I really want a willow in my yard. I dont think it will work out though with wanting a pool more. lol

Hydrangeas remind me of my two Grandmas - one grew pink ones,& the other grew blue (the blue were my favourite!)

Organic Allure F1 Hybrid Corn - Seductive sweetness in a high-quality bicolor! Allure is the first organically available synergistic sweet corn, combining confectionary sweetness with excellent seedling vigor. Sturdy stalks grow 6-7’ tall in an impressively uniform stand. When the trials crew harvested sweet corn from our 2013 trials, Allure was the variety most commonly set aside for personal reserves and the preferred one to “sample” during harvest.

Organic Manny F1 Hybrid Cucumber - Thin-skinned, charming size and sweet flavor! Manny is a spineless and burpless (seedless) Beit Alpha cucumber. Delicious, mild flavor makes this a perfect variety for salads or snacking!

Salsa Sale! Stock up now for next summer with our custom seed tin of 10 must-have salsa seeds. Gift Seed Tin - Salsa Fiesta Collection

Musque de Provence Pumpkin - Gorgeous French variety also known as Fairytale. Richly colored green background and orange glow become increasingly buff when ripe. Fruits are large, often weighing 15-25 lbs, flat in shape and deeply ribbed. This edible pumpkin, often enjoyed cooked, is also traditionally eaten fresh. Cut from the middle like a wedge of cheese and slice very thinly. The flavor is exceptionally complex and sweet with a nice light crunch.