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Sheet music from the Hobbit movie. "Song of the Lonely Mountain" and "Dreaming of Bag End."

Music Box Kit! Make your own music box by pressing the notes onto a special sheet of paper and feeding it through the machine. Your tune will play. Cool.

Eric Baumgartner, with the Willis Piano Workshop series, is coming to the Book Table July 12. Come learn from the best.

Hunger Games music is in finally! Come play.

AMAZING! One Man Plays Two Grand Pianos At Once - La Campanella - Josh Wright

Come on- you know you've always wanted to belt out "Good Morning Baltimore" to a room full of people.

An easy guide to caring for your instrument, band or string.

Yes indeed, there is something for every musician in your life- including a musical tie keyboard that really plays.

Grover Wilhelmsen, our string repairman. We appreciate you!

Oh yes, you can now sing along with Ms. Woods.