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Chicken Coops

396 Pins

Chicken Coops

  • 396 Pins

Cute duck house.

Floating Duck House

Future Chicken Pen!

How to keep chickens -- two unique approaches for the backyard or small farm

Solar light in the coop run so bugs collect at night as a treat for the chickens

Birdseyeview's Chicken Coop

Chicken Water Solution #chickens

Homestead Revival: Brite Tap Chicken Waterer

10 Basic Tips for Protecting Chickens from Predators - GRIT Magazine

10 Basic Tips for Protecting Chickens from Predators

Don't Use Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) In Chicken Water: Claims About Apple Cider Vinegar

painted coop

Keep digging predators out of your coop by extending the hardware cloth 1 foot at 90 degrees from the bottom.

Wire mesh on Coop Run floor to keep out nasty chicken eaters?

Incubation Calendar download- From Egg to Chick .....handy info. for first time hatch!

How to Hatch: Incubating with a broody or incubator.

Mint has natural cooling properties to help reduce a chicken's body temperature in the heat. Put string in the cubes as the freeze and hang them as toys in the run.

Fresh Eggs Daily®: Beating the Heat

Removable tray beneath the Roosting Rod

chicken poop tray but better

Difference between draft and ventilation?

Put a mirror in the coop chickens love to look at themselves!

Chicken Roosting House | From "An Affair With a House", Bunny William's coop, I think this is ...

The Relished Roost: Sunday Morning Eggs!!

Fancy. Blue. – Blue Cochins are hardy, friendly, and docile chickens. Cochins also will adapt very easily to confined spaces or open range!

Wahsega Valley Farm: Snack time...

Chiken coop poop board over food and water.

Roosts over poop board with introduction cage underneath on one side and food and water on the other.

Thermostat for Heat Lamp in Coop, genius! Turns on at 35°F, off at 45°F

hang on the coop!!!!!

Backyard Farming: Those Bugs are Fowl......Food Guinea Fowl eat all kinds of garden pest while leaving garden relatively untouched. They even eat and seek out ticks & stink bugs!

Backyard Farming: Those Bugs are Fowl......Food

Chicken-legged house. Okay, this made me laugh!! hahaha

Chicken standing on brick in water to cool off! Brick absorbs water. KEEPS CHICKENS COOLED OFF IN HOT WEATHER!

I make this frozen fruit smoothie ice ring for my chickens to help them beat the heat and they love it! When water is added to the ice ring, POW, Pullet Punch! Not only does the icy cold water encourage hydration, it gives chickens a natural sugar boost during energy-sapping weather when feed intake declines.

The Good and Bad of Keeping Guinea Fowl

The Good and Bad of Keeping Guinea Fowl