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Tehran Disco

” Farrah Diba ordered eight portraits for the palace in Teheran. Two more for the main office of Iran air main office and national bank of Iran. And two other for embassies in Washington and New York-twelve in all, for a total fee of $190000…And Andy’s dream of perpetually multiplying portrait seemed to be coming true. “

Andy Warhol: Farah Diba Pahlavi (Empress of Iran)

Farah Diba Pahlavi Empress of Iran by Andy Warhol

iranian women from Malayer (near Hamedan in the northwest) engaged in target practice in the Malayer city limits in the late 1950s. The association between weapons and women is nothing new in Iran; Roman references for example note of Iranian women armed as regular troops in the armies of the Sassanians (224-651 AD). Western media and Eurocentrist academics have worked hard to block such images from appearing in mainstream Western culture.

The Persian Lioness: Iranian Women in History | Kaveh Farrokh

Iran- Women’s Orchestra (1960s)

Women's Center | Foundation for Iranian Studies

Nurse and Firefighter in Kindergarten, Hekmat International School, Tehran, Iran (Persia), 1970 | Flickr: Intercambio de fotos

vintage Persian portrait

Firooz Zadehi, Elizabeth Taylor with hookah at tea house in Shiraz, Iran, 1976,

‎'Sangak bread in a bakery of Tehran, Iran' by Mahmoud Pakzad, 1958