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In his latest video, Joe Alton, M.D., aka Dr. Bones, discusses some important things to know about dealing with snakebite in off-grid settings. He discusses venomous snakes of North America and Europe, how to tell a venomous coral snake from a non-venomous king snake, all about pit viper bites, and treatment when you don’t have anti-venom available…

19 Foods To Naturally Detox Radiation

19 Foods To Naturally Detox Radiation - SHTF Preparedness

Easy DIY Emergency Heater ! In Case Power Goes Out Using Supplies you already have

DIY Emergency Heater

Iosat Potassium Iodide Tablets - for nuclear radiation emergencies. 7 year shelf life. A must for 72 hour kits

Edible fungi chart. If the world is ever covered in darkness, the only plants that will grow without sunlight are mushrooms.

A Perfect Antenna for the Survivalist...Using a 4 ft long piece of re-bar steel or a copper and steel ground rod, drive the ground rod into the ground so that only a couple of inches sticks out from the ground (just enough to attach a wire and a hose clamp)...

I saw a discussion on ways to secure your home... Preppers were cutting chain link fencing the sizes of all their windows & door openings, if SHTF, fencing can be quickly bolted to each opening using very long lag screws, having angle iron cut to length it would be even better. It would greatly slow down intruders, anything thrown would bounce off & not break glass. Attach to doors so you could talk to someone & they couldn't rush in (one of the most often used entry tactics).

How to Make a Log Raft

Best Way to Stop Bleeding | Modern Self Protection

TOP 100 ITEMS TO DISAPPEAR FIRST DURING A NATIONAL EMERGENCY- good reminder of what to have on hand for family during a possible crisis.

camouflaged, off grid living - I bet this place doesn't show up on google earth

A website for how to do all kinds of medieval things

How a Dakota fire hole works and where/ how to make one. Burns hotter with less wood, less smoke, and less exposed light.

The Dakota Fire Hole | Bushcraft Stuff