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A model wears a Dior dress with bows and peek-a-boo openings down the front, 1947. From our gallery: Vintage Christian Dior

Ulysses S. Grant and his son, Jesse Root, on the porch of their home in Galena, Ill.

Pony Express (pictured: Express rider Frank E. Webner 1861). Although now legendary, the Pony Express (including such riders as young Bill Cody, Kootenai Brown and Pony Bob Haslam) lasted only 18 months.

Czechoslov​akia, German soldiers surrenderi​ng, May 1945.

The men who raised the second flag over Iwo Jima.

“War bonds are cheaper than wooden crosses” American Treasury Department poster from 1942

June 30, 1925. "Madame Lubouska, National American Ballet." The Russian dancer Desiree Lubowska.

Here ethnic Germans welcome their Führer to Prague during March 1939. Note the adulation by both young and old. Ethnic Germans played a key role in the administration of NAZI occupied Czechoslovakia--the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia

Every time you think your vote doesn't count, remember that someone fought for it.

"The suit and hat worn by Lincoln on the night of his assassination. Photograph made by the Smithsonian, circa 1890."

Woodrow Wilson with his grandson. Vintage. Born in the White House Jan. 17, 1915