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YES!!!!!! Stop spending money on prepackaged pouch foods. Refillable, dishwasher safe pouch. Great for moms who make their own baby food.

Amen to that! I do this whenever I feel the need because one thing I do not want in my life is drama or petty, jealous people who do nothing but hate. I don't have time for that because I'm too busy being happy and loving my life. If you can't be happy for me, then see ya! And I won't feel bad, whatsoever :)

i sympathize for every single person who took you for granted, left you for another, cheated on you, belittled you, broke your heart & made you feel less than human. Because one day they will realize that they lost the most important part of themselves when they let you go.

You know all of those scoady old stuffed animals you see at the thrift store? Well thanks to Pinterest I now know that you can make a scoady old dress out of them. The pinner said, "Look at her! What an AMAZING One of a Kind Dress by PoshFairytaleCouture, $999,00". I am amazed....and grossed out.

bitches be bitchin'