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Men... ;)~

If you love her, put her in the fridge

Hahahah for real. Shaving is even harder when your pregnant.

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Blunt card

X-Mas Blunt card

Prob my fav blunt card hahaha @Christina Childress Hodge @Megan Ward Lansing

It's like blunt can read my mind!!

blunt card

True that, blunt card= new entertainment :)

Bahahahaha @Natalie Jost Santa Cruz a fat girl would!!!

Never underestimate the power of an extremely pissed off Woman... #Blunt Cards

Knew someone like that lol

#blunt card


Sometimes I love a good blunt card...

My poor husband... heeheehee. "It appears we're at that place in our relationship where you've discovered I'm bat shit crazy." - Blunt Card

Blunt card

remind you of anyone? @Heather Creswell Jacquinet